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The new start-up, BI Nordic AB, was founded in 2016 by 5 former colleagues, Micke Eriksson, Rickard Segerstedt, Lina Andersson, Anders Hedlund and Alf Sahlman.

As a team, the five of them have a long and substantial experience within the Business Intelligence and Analytics segment.

The vision is to use this experience from analysing and presenting data from global mobile operators and apply similar services within other segments and industries.


BI Nordic is offering services to organize, analyse and present customer data. BI Nordic aim to push data analysis one step further - what if you could train your system to predict the future?


You will find BI Nordic in the heart of SkellefteƄ, in The Great Northern - please stop by for a visit, or contact them for an interesting discussion on this topic!

Micke Eriksson, micke@binordic.com, +46 (0)70 264 8165

Rickard Segerstedt, rickard@binordic.com, +46 (0)70 621 4165

Lina Andersson, lina@binordic.com, +46 (0)70 662 9339

Anders Hedlund, anders@binordic.com, +46 (0)70 323 6453

Alf Sahlman, alf@binordic.com, +46 (0)73 8093025





BI Nordic AB


Org. No: 559067-4213