Sensor Fusion:

All types of data sources.

  • Data is one of your most valuable resources and yet many companies don't know how to harness its potential.
  • From sensors to crowd data, from mining trucks and geospatial data, we can transform that data into value.
  • Data from a variety of sources can be accessed and joined together.
  • Use historical data to learn about the future!
Crowdsourced Data

Crowdsourced data

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Sensors and automated machines

Vehicle Data

Vehicle data

Data Management:

Proper data storage and facilitation.

  • In-depth technical knowledge of analytical platforms ensures proper data storage and structure.
  • Data from one or more sources are consolidated into one controlled data source.
  • Proper storage facilitates the maintenance of data and recovery tasks.
  • We’ll evaluate and use the right storage solution, in cloud or on-premises.


In-depth knowledge and analytics platforms.

  • Unique domain knowledge on 5G, LoRa, and Wi-Fi 6.
  • We automate analysis, making it cost-effective for our customers.
  • Streaming analytics for continuous statistical insights and real-time monitoring.
  • Flexible scope, from simple aggregation of values to advanced machine learning!
  • Collaborative and customized customer projects.

Business Intelligence:

Visualize the possibilities.

  • Analytic content is published and displayed as valuable information.
  • We'll send that content through accessible intranet dashboards, direct or a combination of the two options.
  • Various formats including KPI dashboards and detailed analytic reports.
  • Identification of potential issues and suggested corrections. We close the circle!

Technical Knowledge

Learn how you can save money with crowdsourced data!

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