Prioritize Investments in Network Sites Using Crowdsource Data

How do you prioritize investments in sites? What does the competition look like? Get to know your landscape with SiteZine. SiteZine estimates locations of future sites by ranking the tower candidates based on crowdsourced data. Invest wisely with SiteZine!


  • Based on a patent pending technology for high precision site localization
  • Uses crowdsourced data as input for site location estimation
  • Produces a ranked list of tower candidates in Excel format
  • Interactive map tool for browsing candidates and competitor sites
  • A set of pre-configured ranking methods to classify attractive sites
  • Includes option for building a customized ranking method



Time and Cost Savings

Interactive 3D Map

Artificial Intelligence


Using crowdsourced data, the operators can cut down on the cost for their currently expensive data collection investments compared to traditional methods.
An interactive 3-D web-based map solution visualizes network traffic. These state-of-the-art web components optimize the end-user experience. Extra layers showing site details and demographic data are added to the solution to help the end-user make correction decisions.
The crowdsourced data is pre-processed and fed into an AI engine with both geographical clustering and supervised learning capabilities. It is used to identify hotspots, trace traffic patterns, and facilitate fault detection in operations.
Crowdsourced data is collected when/where/how the user is using the network. This means that the collected data can reveal rush hours, high intense areas, as well as technologies used in the network.