Visualizing data through customized reports facilitates the discovery of new patterns, identifies key relationships and helps identify trends. We'll help you understand your data and use it to facilitate your business objectives.

Below you can view some examples of interactive reports using different components including charts, tables, filters, and maps.

Example 1: End to End Voice Measurement Dashboard

    Time frame: 24 hours
    Filter: Location, can be selected by clicking in the map or in the current status section.
    Description: End to End and Radio Quality measurements presented per location and hour.

Example 2: Internet Usage vs Mobile Phone Usage

    Time frame: 2000-2012.
    Filter: Region (continent) and Time (year). Region can be selected by clicking the lower left chart and the time is set below the charts using the slider.
    Description: The top chart visualizes the trend of Mobile phone and Internet usage over time. This chart and will not be affected when setting or changing filters. Below the trend chart, starting from the left, one bar chart and one scatter plot are used to present the details of each country and region. The bar chart can be used as a filter by clicking any of the region names (continents). When a region is selected the scatter plot is updated with measures from associated countries. The second filter in the report can be found in the bottom of the report. By changing the slider you can view the result for a specific year.

Example 3: Guidelines When Planning to Start Up a New Business

    Time frame: 2012.
    Filter: Region
    Description: This example visualizes the time and effort required to start a business in different countries. By clicking any region (either from the table or from the pie-chart displaying “Hours to do business tax per region”), both maps (tax rate and days to start business) will automatically update and the countries in each region will be color-coded according to the legend below each chart.

Example 4: Service Request KPI Dashboard

    Time frame: 2016 Jan-Oct
    Filter: Month
    Description: Response time is a vital measure in a support organization. In the below dashboard the response time is presented on monthly basis. The red or green icons (thumbs up/down) tell the user if the result for a certain month was above or below the set target (1 day). When clicking an icon, the “Top 10 response time groups” will be automatically updated with the 10 categories/departments with longest response times for the selected month. A simple but easy way to find and address bottlenecks in a support organization.