April 14, 2022

Strategy begins with business intelligence.

There are many steps involved with a corporation’s strategic planning process. The very first step involves assessing your business, industry, competitors and market trends. To do this correctly, you need data and business intelligence. Making strategic and tactical decisions on a simple hunch can lead to a decline in the bottom line and even lower employee satisfaction. Incorporating data analytics into your planning process minimizes risk. Making better business, financial, and operational decisions can not only improve profits, but can contribute to employee empowerment and morale.
March 9, 2020

BI Nordic Strengthens Data Analytics Team.

Evelina Norgren joins the BI Nordic data analytics team. She has previously been working as a “Business Intelligence Developer”. Adding Evelina to the BI Nordic team, will be a great contribution to the Boliden projects and will allow BI Nordic to continue their dedicated focus and analytics work in mining.
February 23, 2018

BI Nordic Awarded “New Business Entrepreneur of the Year.”

BI Nordic was awarded the “New Business Entrepreneur of the Year,” in Skelleftea. The company, started in 2016, analyzes and presents data from global mobile operators and other industries. They develop synergies between different data sources and integrate them. BI Nordic ensures that all data gets the same structure and also clears unnecessary data. In many cases, the data sets are created in real time and must then also be analyzed in real time.